Our Training Brands

Frontfin has two leading training brands:

School of African Microfinance (SAM)

The School of African Microfinance (SAM) is an annual two-week training targeting senior & middle level management MFI managers, microfinance consultants and micro-bankers. Founded in 2005, SAM is today the leading executive microfinance training in Africa with more than 500 professionals from over 150 institutions trained. SAM specializes in building high performance microfinance institutions and accelerating access to financial services.  The courses focus on providing knowledge and skills that ensure institutions have market focused strategies, execute flawlessly - delivering appropriate products and services; and have the culture, structure and talent to perform.

SAM is held every September in Mombasa, Kenya and attracts professionals from Africa, Asia, America , Europe and MENA region.

Africa SME Finance Academy (ASFA)

The Africa SME Finance Academy (ASFA) is an annual training focused providing quality, strategic & technical knowledge for SME bankers and financiers. The training consist of Executive level course. This course is tailored for top-level decision makers of SME finance institutions and banks who drive organization strategy. It delivers information, knowledge and perspectives that help SME Lenders redefine their future position in the market in order to enhance their competitiveness.


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