Our History

Frontfin has a 6 year history in delivering applicable training to microfinance professionals and institutions.  In 2005, we run our first microfinance training program School of African Microfinance (SAM) training.  Since 2005, we have expanded our expertise, knowledge and understanding of the frontier markets. Inspired by the desire to keep serving our growing MFIs clients, we launched our 1st SME lending program Africa SME Finance Academy (asfa) in 2009.

Frontfin was launched in 2009 to better focus our training brands on our two target segments; Micro & SME finance.  To date, Frontfin has built relationships with over 200 organizations which include banks, Sacco’s, microfinance institutions, regulators, investors and development agencies. Through the trainings and two sub-brands:- School of African Microfinance (sam) and Africa SME Finance Academy (asfa), we have trained over 900 professionals from over 40 countries.

Owned as subsidiary of J.M. Mantle &Co Limited - a financial advisory firm, Frontfin works with partners in curriculum development, a training facilitation and capacity building to guarantee quality service and truly “Raise the limits”.

Our Experience

We have trained participants and facilitated workshops for over 50 institutions in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Sierra Leone. In addition to running SAM and asfa, the following are the corporate workshops and training seminars that we have engaged in :-

2010 – The CGAP Course For  Funders Microfinance, CGAP

The Consultative Group Assisting The Poor (CGAP) partnered with Frontfin training to conduct a five-day  course for Funders of Microfinance. The training covered financial systems approach, understanding the financial market at Micro, Meso and Macro levels and elements of funder effectiveness.

2009- Investment Management Training, SNV

SNV contracted FrontFin to develop and facilitate a training programme for its Economic Advisors from East and Central Africa on investment management over a one-week period.  The training covered identification of bankable SGBs, pre & post investment technical assistance, investment management and enterprise development.

2009 – Investment Management Training, ANDE

FrontFin was appointed by the ASPEN Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), part of the Aspen Institute (USA) to work with ANDE to develop a training programme for investment officers working with private equity and venture capital funds that invest in small growth companies in developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.  The first international training will be in Kenya in 2010.

2009 – Business & Financial Management, SME Bank

FrontFin was appointed to develop and deliver a training to improve the general business and financial management skills of a select number of the SMEs customers of a medium-sized Kenyan bank.  The engagement is funded by the Centre for Development of Enterprise (CDE), an EU-ACP initiative.

2009 – Rural & Agricultural Finance, MITAF

FrontFin was contracted by the Microfinance Investment and Technical Advisory Facility (MITAF), a multi-donor initiative in Sierra Leone, to train MFIs in Sierra Leone in Rural and Agricultural Finance.  In addition we developed a Bank Downscaling Seminar for the commercial banks entering the microfinance market.

2009 - SME Financing, Microfinance Support Center

FrontFin was awarded a contract by the Microfinance Support Center in Uganda to train all their loan officers and regional officers in SME finance. 

2006 – Understanding Microfinance, CGAP

We were engaged by CGAP to train development and government specialists in Dar es Salaam, who focus on areas such as pro-poor policies, poverty reduction, economic development, private sector and business development, to enhance a deeper understanding of Microfinance.

2003 – Financial Analysis and Accounting for MFIs, Bank of Tanzania

We were contracted by the Bank of Tanzania to conduct two training seminars on (i) Financial Analysis and Accounting for MFIs; (ii) Credit and Delinquency Management for MFIs. Both training seminars comprised various microfinance practitioners in Tanzania.

2003 – Business Planning with Microfin, ODC Uganda

We conducted a training seminar in collaboration with ODC, Uganda on Business Planning with Microfin for various microfinance practitioners in Uganda.

2002/3 – Essential skills for Microfinance Managers, Bank of Tanzania

We were contracted by the Bank of Tanzania to facilitate a workshop on Essential Skills for Micro-finance Managers. Also contracted by the Bank’s Directorate of Microfinance under a World Bank credit to deliver Business Planning with Microfin for various microfinance practitioners in Tanzania.

2002 – Business Planning with Microfin, K-Rep Bank

We were contracted by K-Rep Bank under a USAID credit to train the Bank’s senior managers and staff on Business Planning with Microfin.

2002 – Financial Analysis and Accounting for MFIs, K-Rep Advisory Services

We were contracted by K-Rep Advisory Services to facilitate two training workshops on (i) Financial Analysis and Accounting for MFIs for UNDP Microstart-Kenya Partner Institutions; (ii) Financial Management and Analysis, Business Planning and Delinquency Management for various microfinance institutions under the Government funded SELF Project, Tanzania in the office of the Vice-President.

2001 – Strategies Towards Institutional Sustainability, MESP

We were awarded a consultancy by the EU funded Micro-Enterprise Support Programme (MESP) to develop and facilitate a one-week workshop for 15 MFIs titled “Strategies towards Institutional Sustainability”.  Developed training program and materials and co-ordinated entire workshop.  Phase two of the consultancy involved providing Technical Assistance to the participating institutions over a period of 1 year.

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