Who We Are:

Frontfin Training Limited

In early 2009, JM Mantle incorporated Frontfin Training Limited (Frontfin), as a subsidiary, to focus and consolidate its frontier finance training and consulting practices. Frontfin works with institutions and professionals in microfinance and SME finance and investment management to achieve high performance. We deliver knowledge, skills, insights and ideas for results through consulting, training and other knowledge events.View Frontfin training brands.

JM Mantle & Co. Limited

JM Mantle is an independent professional services company based in Kenya and engaged in the provision of specialized Consulting and Advisory services and Capacity Building through its subsidiary Frontfin Training Limited (“Frontfin”). Our services are offered to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from financial institutions, small growing businesses and development agencies and most recently in a number of engagements that involve agriculture finance and agribusiness.

JM Mantle was founded in 1997 as a vehicle to pool the talents and leverage the experiences of its founding principals, who shared a vision of providing professional services to suppliers and users of capital. Michael Mithika the CEO is a founding partner and continues to provide leadership to this day. The company’s original focus was in the area of structured finance and corporate financial advisory services. The principals in the early years were engaged exclusively in advising and structuring trade finance facilities, capital raising and other financial advisory services.

Today JM Mantle has built key competencies in the specialised areas of development finance, in particular financial inclusion for the majority in Africa, and training professionals in microfinance and SME finance and investment management. We are committed to deepening financial markets and contributing to developing inclusive financial systems with financial service providers and other stakeholders. Our advisory and consulting services include strategy, operating reviews, financial planning and analysis, institutional assessments and specialist sector advice, delivered in more than 8 African countries.

The firm has in the past 12 years effectively evolved and reinvented itself to respond and address itself to new markets, opportunities and changing client needs. For its relative small size, JM Mantle has displayed a dynamism that has helped it attain a record of achievements in the region that sets it apart, as one of the leading financial consultancy firms operating in frontier markets. We like to believe that our reputation precedes us and are considered trusted advisors by many of our clients.

JM Mantle has built competence and developed capacity over time, to offer a broader spectrum of services to an equally broad list of clients. The Firm’s strategic focus today includes:

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Financial Access

    We have deep industry knowledge and expertise in microfinance gained from numerous consulting and training engagements in Kenya and the region. We have worked for all the leading MFIs in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Areas of expertise include: product development / refinement, organisational design and process improvement, institutional performance appraisals/assessments, training and strategic business and financial planning. Our work today also covers SME Finance working with both providers of debt capital (banks and MFIs) and equity providers (SME Funds and Private Equity) to help these organizations develop appropriate products and go-to-market strategies. Most recently we have been engaged in advising clients on how to develop and grow new investment asset classes such as private equity for pension funds.

Business Advisory Services

    We provide advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses to enable them achieve breakthrough performance. We work with select business owners and managers to deliver a range of services including – Strategy, Business Planning, Business Model Design, Performance Management, Strategic Marketing, Business Process Improvement and Risk Management.

Deal Sourcing

    Using our networks in the microfinance, SME banking sectors, as well as our new but growing network amongst fast growing SMEs in Kenya, we assist Private Equity and Venture Capital funds to identify investment opportunities in SMEs and the financial institutions that serve them.

Corporate Finance & Merchant Banking.

    On a selective basis, we provide specialised financial advisory and transaction advisory services. Areas of expertise include: structured finance, coordinating/conducting due diligence, valuations, financial analysis, investment appraisals, and feasibility studies.
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